Friday, September 19, 2014

My new book

It seems to me that I talked about my most recent book everywhere except for my own blog... So, let me introduce you to the one and only performance tuning book dedicated to PL/SQL:

This book took me much longer to write than I initially anticipated - and to be fair, that's the reason for staying quiet at the blog. I just didn't have time/energy to write everywhere :-) Although, it was fun writing - I finally got a chance to create a digest of my own knowledge and put it into any format I choose to. Of course, some shaping from my esteemed guru and co-author Dr. Paul Dorsey was definitely needed, but still it was as free-form as you get. Publishers trusted us so much that they didn't attach any strings to the contract - we were reshaping the structure of the book up to the very end.

I think, I did my best and reached the goal I was shooting at. I really hope, this book can help a lot of people to build better software. Now it's your turn to tell me whether I was right or wrong.

P.s. Here is a review from Steven Feuerstein - link.

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