Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am an Oracle ACE now!

Some good news: I've been confirmed as Oracle ACE! Here is my profile published on the Oracle's main web-site: click to check yourself...

That was a long way to go, my friends... It started in the IT department of the factory where my dad was working - for the first time I've heard about a miraculous platform that would contain all the information about the whole factory. Later "the way" continued in the university. I was shocked by the depth of what it really meant to built contemporary IT systems, but with the help of my professors I learned how to swim in that sea of data. By the way, I still own my first Oracle-related book - it was Russian Edition of Paul Dorsey's Oracle Designer Handbook. Who would ever guess that couple year later Paul would become my (a) boss (b) mentor (c) friend for life! It is now more than 10 years of me working in Dulcian.... Time is flying!

Anyways, thanks everybody for shaping me as a professional - my teachers, my colleges, my listener, my friends! I hope, in this new status I could contribute even more to the Oracle community - one day at a time, one line of code at a time. Will keep you posted!