Monday, September 15, 2014

Good sources of Oracle information

Pretty often I am being asked about various online and printed source of Oracle-related information. Finally I decided to create a blog post here where I will start to accumulate all the goodies that I just "happen" to find. Maybe I will eventually create even some kind of a guide... Let's see.

Before we start - a couple of disclaimers:
* It is my personal list of favorite resources, so all of the following statements assumed to be prefixed with IMHO :-)
* The list represents my own interests, which are somewhat between DBA and Developer lands (plus a bit of Architect).
* I highly value printed books, because while working on them authors structure (and check!) the material much better comparing to blogs. So, if I mention a name below, you also should check his/her books - they will be worth your money. Even blogs have the advantage of being more interactive (you may get immediate feedback), the quality of books should not be underestimated.

Ok, let's start:

1. My gurus (overall)
- Tom Kyte - no extra explanations needed, I hope ;-)
- Steven Feuerstein - one of the main faces behind PL/SQL for the last 20 years
- Jonathan Lewis - after his explanations I finally started to get the Cost-Based Optimizer
- Daniel Morgan - huge collection of useful articles and examples! Often more understandable than original Oracle docs.

2. My teachers in the field of performance tuning
- Tanel Poder - I've seen him reading raw trace files! He can decipher X$-objects too.
- Cary Millsap - extremely rare case of holistic approach to performance tuning (Method-R!)
- Craig Shallahamer - another example of very scientific approach to tuning
- Chris Antognini - a lot of depth in understanding of how Oracle internals work together.

3. My fellows. They do the same kind of job as I do (only sometimes better!)
- Tim Hall
- Adrian Billington
- Alex Nuijten
- Rob van Wijk
- Marco Gralike

4. DBAs land
- Arup Nanda
- Alex Faktulin
- Company blog (a lot of smart people up there!): Just to name a few: Alex Gorbachev, Michael Abbey, Christo Kutrovski, Jared Still, etc.

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