Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld 2011. Day 5

The closing day of the event started slowly. No wonder... Not that many people returned back to the hotel just after Sting concert (like I did) - the show went lo-o-o-o-ng way past midnight. Also, a lot of attendants had flights already on Thursday, so it was pretty common to see some of my old friends trying to reach a jet speed already in the hotel (running with their bags towards the cab stand :-) ).

My schedule was pretty simple:
- went to the talk about Edition-Based Redefinition from a couple of BankOfAmerica guys. We in Dulcian look at that feature for some years, so it was interesting to see what other people are doing in this area. Summary - it is a VERY powerful concept if you are starting a new project. But transforming existing one to be EBR-compliant is much more fun. Overall, I am planning to watch it closely, but still not sure whether I am ready to jump in the pool with unknown number of crocodiles.
- mine and Paul's last presentation "Achieving great performance for web-application by using only SQL and PL/SQL" got significantly more people than we ever hoped considering the last day of the conference. It seems like that the state of confusion, especially among small-to-medium size IT shops is huge. They do not have budgets/people to jump to the most recent bandwagons, but they still need to somehow support their end-users. After the presentation I've spent at least an hour more talking about the details of our FormSpider implementation - there was a lot of interest about this completely nontrivial way of building contemporary web applications.
- "It's the wrap" party at Yerba Buena - perfect sunny afternoon with "Blue Angels" flying above our heads. I didn't have any energy left even to talk to everybody. Picked up the book, and read for an hour or so.

That's all, folks... Now I need to digest everything I learned. It was a really great conference, so check this blog from time to time - I will be posting more focused stories! Stay in touch!

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