Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld 2011. Day 4

Sad day for the IT industry. There is not a lot of people who could think of something - and make the whole world change because of their ideas. So hard to lose such people so early...
Day 4. Oct 5 2011.
Finally, there was at least one day when I could just relax and wonder around between different presentations, demos etc. I think, I've spent it reasonably efficient:
- went to a couple of talks from Oracle tech leads (XMLDB and Database Vault). The first topic requires additional post, but here I will just mention briefly that Oracle finally started to change default behaviour of XMLType that I've been complaining for years:
    * in XMLType will be created as Binary SecureFile storage mechanism with CACHE option automatically ON. That parameter was a performance issue for too many people - and not a lot of people know how to internally change it (if interested - read our article about LOB data types in the 3rd quarter of ODTUG  Tech Journal)
- spent couple hours at Oracle DemoGrounds(this time with SecureFile team, Java-in-the-database team, Oracle-on-Windows team). Got some useful information - sorry, also not for publishing :-)
- came to Larry's talk where he announced Oracle Cloud and Oracle Social Network... No comments on either of those topics, not my area of expertise.

Last part of the day - sure, you've guessed, PARTY! This time everybody was very worried about the possibility of storms, but we lucked out (storms are today...) The reason was pretty simple - STING! The guy just turned 60 years old, but I envied his level of energy on stage. It was unforgettable to be 20 meters from musicians (I came early enough) in the crowd of 10+ thousand people singing "Englishman in New York" with all accents existing on the planet Earth!

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